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About Us

How we separate ourselves from other review sites

WebHostingGPS.com is not just another review and ranking site. All other web hosting review sites just recite the same information that everyone else has. Not only that, it is usually just the same information that you can find by going directly to the hosting company’s website. But that is not what we do at WebHostingGPS.com. We help you navigate through all the web hosting providers and their services to find the best web hosting company that fits you and your website needs.

What you can expect from WebHostingGPS.com

WebHostingGPS.com evaluates every aspect of a web hosting company.  While most review sites give you just facts and numbers, we go deeper into the company and examine details that you can’t just find on their website.  We look for things that really make them stand out in the hosting industry.  What specific need do they meet for their customers?  How do they treat their customers?  What is their business philosophy? These are but a few of the aspects we explore.

It’s about you and not the web hosting company

In the end, finding the right web hosting company is not about which one offers the most features or has the cheapest price.  The whole point in looking for a web hosting provider is to do what you want to achieve online.  If the web host can’t help you do what you need to do then it doesn’t matter how great they are.  At the end of the day, the web hosting company you choose is just the platform to building your web hosting presence on the internet.  We understand that and that’s why WebHostingGPS.com is “Your Personal Web Hosting Navigator”.

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