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Bluehost Web Hosting Review

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Pros: Solid, reliable web hosting; great resources; cPanel hosting control panel

Cons: Few hosting options and term lengths.

Recommended For: Great for beginners to web hosting and higher.  Hosting is reliable and solid.  The cPanel control panel is one of the most easiest hosting control panels to use in the industry.  Bluehost offers a lot of good scripts and features without making it difficult to use.

Bluehost.com Highlights
cPanel web hosting control panel
International domain name support
Frontpage extensions

Main Features
Disk Space: unlimited
Bandwidth: unlimited
Host Domains: unlimited
Free Domains: 1
Email Accounts: 2500
Price: $6.95/month

Our Review
Bluehost is one of those web hosting companies that you don’t hear a lot about. We didn’t find much way of traditional web advertising that you might see from other web hosting providers. That being said, they still are among the best in web hosting when it comes to sheer number of customers.

But what you will hear about Bluehost is how reliable they are. When your website is bringing in thousands of visitors a day, having your site go down even for an hour can make an major impact on repeat visitors. Bluehost has shifted their efforts from advertising to performance and reliability and let’s their hosting speak for themselves as well as customer referrals.

Another quirk of Blue host that we have found is their lack of coupon codes, specials, and promotions. I guess if you don’t care much for those sort of things it’s no big deal but these can be a great thing to attract new customers and offer them a great way to save even more money on their web hosting.

Now this isn’t a negative of Blue host web hosting but rather something that would have been nice to see from them. Bottom line is that Blue host does offer a great product and shouldn’t be overlooked. All users should find Bluehost a great web hosting provider.

Company Information
Bluehost Inc.
1215 N. Research Way, #Q3500
Orem, UT 84097

Main Line:  888-401-4678
Local:  801-765-9400

Bluehost webpage

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